Learning Support | Fintona Girls' School

Learning Support

Learning support staff members work for students at either end of the learning spectrum.

The range of student abilities is well catered for at Fintona as the classes are small, allowing students to be supported every day in every class.

Students are not withdrawn from classes but our learning support staff members work either in the classroom or with staff to adapt work for students at either end of the leaning spectrum.

Fintona offers a range of opportunities designed to develop the talents of our students through competitions, activities and projects including Science Talent Search, da Vinci Decathlon, Tournament of Minds, Australian Maths and Science Olympiads and Creative Writng competitions, to name just a few.

Accelerated programs in Mathematics and Science are part of the academic program from Year 9 and may lead to students studying these subjects at University level as part of their VCE.