VCE Excellence

Another year of outstanding results.

Fintona Girls' School is renowned for consistently achieving outstanding VCE results, placing Fintona among the best performing schools in Victoria. The VCE results from the Class of 2016 once again affirm our strong position.

With a median ATAR of 93.9, two thirds of the Class of 2016 achieved an ATAR of 90+ and 44% of the students achieved an ATAR of 95+.


2016 VCE Highlights at a Glance

67% of students achieved an ATAR of 90+ placing them in the top 10% of the State

44% of students achieved an ATAR of 95+ placing them in the top 5% of the State

25% of students achieved an ATAR of 97+ placing them in the top 3% of the State

Our 7 year median ATAR is 95.1

There were two perfect study scores of 50 achieved in Geography and Accounting

Median Study Score is 35 and the percentage of Study Scores above 40 is 24.8%

Fintona's Principal, Mrs Suzy Chandler, said: ‘We are very proud of the Class of 2016 and know that they go off to the next stage of their lives with an outstanding education and a set of values that we know will carry them through life. We look forward to our girls maintaining their links with the School and also the staff whose dedication and care has fostered these remarkable achievements.' 
We wish all our girls the best of luck in the future and we hope they enjoy their new endeavours.

We congratulate most especially Zoe Schwerkolt, Dux of 2016, for achieving an ATAR of 99.90. Zoe, a bronze medallist at last year's International Physics Olympiad, is currently studying Science at the University of Melbourne under the prestigious Chancellor's Scholars Program.


Tertiary courses and destinations for the class of 2016

Fintona continues to have a very high placement of students in tertiary education. 100% of our students received a university offer and of these, 98% received an offer in the first round. More than three quarters of the 2016 cohort (78%) received their first or second preference. The most popular university choice was, by far, the University of Melbourne and both the University of Melbourne and Monash University account for 74% of the offers received.

The most popular areas of study chosen were Commerce, Arts, Creative Arts/Design, Science and Biomedicine.



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