Community Service | Fintona Girls' School

Community Service

Recognising the needs of others.

Helping others, giving to the community, respect, tolerance and responsibility are core values that underpin our Community Service program.

Fintona students are encouraged to believe that they can make a difference to their local communities, as well as internationally.

All students participate in the Community Service program throughout their school years, in a variety of ways depending on individual strengths and interests.

Whether voluteering at a local nursing home, raising funds for charities, participating in environmental projects and travelling locally or overseas to help welfare organisations, community service projects offer students valuable life experiences.

Senior School students have the opportunity to visit Danila Dilba, an Aboriginal health provider located in Darwin. While they are in Darwin students can work in the various clinics run by Danilba Dilba, and also visit some of the remote Aboriginal communities for which they provide health care.

Students from Years 9 to 11 have an opportunity to join the World Challenge expedition which involves a community service component in the country of destination.