Fintona's school uniform is in the school colours of navy blue and gold and can be purchased new from Bob Stewart of Kew, 201-211 High Street, Kew 3101, phone (03) 9853 8429. Details about our uniform requirements are on Bob Stewart's website.

In 2017, we introduced the option for girls from Prep to Year 12 to wear navy blue pants as part of the winter uniform, and in 2018 we introduced the option for girls to wear navy blue shorts and a shirt as part of the summer uniform. These new items are available for purchase at Bob Stewart in High Street, Kew.

The summer uniform is worn in Terms 1 and 4 and consists of:

  • a navy blue and white striped dress or navy blue shorts and a shirt
  • a navy blue pullover and navy blue blazer with yellow trim.

The winter uniform is worn in Terms 2 and 3 and consists of:

  • a navy blue skirt or navy blue pants
  • a shirt
  • a navy blue pullover
  • a tie
  • a navy blue blazer with yellow trim.

The Second Hand Uniform Shop

Parents can purchase and sell second hand uniform items from the Second Hand Uniform Shop located in front of the Margaret Cunnungham Hall.  The shop will be open on Monday and Thursday afternoons from 3.00pm until 4.00pm for the first two weeks of term and the last two weeks of term. In the middle part of each term it will be open once a month on a Wednesday afternoon from 3.00pm to 4.00pm. There will be an annual sale and the Shop will also be open at the Food and Wine Festival in November, on the day of the Second Hand Book Sale in December and on book pick-up day before the start of the new school year. These dates will be advertised closer to the time. A schedule for Term 3 and Term 4 will be provided in the News Bulletin.

Uniform Items

• Uniform items can be dropped off at Reception in both Junior and Senior School

• Parents dropping off uniform items will need to place items in a plastic bag and fill out the School Uniform Shop form

• The form should be placed in the plastic bag with the items to be sold

• All clothing items from ELC to Year 12 are accepted provided they are clean and in good condition

• The only goods which will attract a payment back to parents are; tunics or skirts, blazers and spray jackets. All other items will be considered as a donation only. Parents may elect to donate tunics, skirts, blazers and spray jackets as well

• The schedule showing times of opening will be posted on the door of the Shop, on the Junior School Office window and will appear in the News Bulletin

• All transactions are credit card only. No cash will be accepted and refunds will be put through credit cards.

Please contact the School if you have any enquiries.

Contact the Second Hand Uniform Shop

For any enquiries, please email Ciel at Student Services studentservices@fintona.vic.edu.au