Fintona families plant 1000 trees | Fintona Girls' School

Fintona families plant 1000 trees

2 June 2016

On Sunday 2nd June, about 20 members of the Fintona Family joined members of the Victorian Mobile Land Care group and the Macclesfield and Yarra Ranges Land Care group to plant 1000 trees on a farm at Yellingbo.

This was to create a sanctuary and food source for the endangered Helmeted Honeyeater which although it is our State bird emblem, is endangered. It rained on and off, which was perfect planting weather and we dug holes with Hamilton Planters provided by the organisers, planted tube stock ranging from eucalypts and wattles to grasses and surrounded them with cotton mats, stakes and plastic guards.

By the end of the session we had filled the whole area and it was very satisfying to look at the sea of green guards and know we had done something so useful. We enjoyed a BBQ lunch together and went home, wet and tired but very happy. I would like to thank all of the families who came for their hard work on the day and for making it such a successful and enjoyable outing. We hope to be able to make this a permanent part of the annual calendar and look forward to seeing more families next time.

Mrs Suzy Chandler