Fintona holds inaugural Economic Debating Competition | Fintona Girls' School

Fintona holds inaugural Economic Debating Competition

21 May 2018

On Sunday 20 May, Fintona hosted the inaugural Economics Debating Competition inviting a number of other schools around Melbourne to engage in a rigorous discussion around many of the economic issues facing our society today.  We welcomed students from Scotch College, PLC, and Melbourne High amongst others. Students were asked to consider issues such as the level of migration in Australia as well as the role of government in responding to unemployment, along with debating if we should be cutting company taxes or not.

Both Fintona teams won their first round of debating and after close second round losses just missed out on making the finals. Melbourne High School was the winner of the competition with a strong showing throughout the day.

Students benefitted from participating in their own debates, but also from listening to opposing points of view on many of the economic problems facing Australia and the world and how they may be solved.

Due to the success of this initiative, Fintona plans to run the Economic Debating Competition in the future.