Digital Technology | Fintona Girls' School

Digital Technology

A seamless integration into our programs.

Digital technology is embedded in all areas of learning and teaching to equip students with the skills to become literate, innovative and confident users of digital technologies. 

Digital technology is an integral part of classroom practice engaging and empowering both students and teachers. Students learn the digital literacy skills required to thrive and lead in an everchanging digital landscape.

In each area of the curriculum, we seek to build awareness, attitude and ability to utilise digital tools and facilities to identify, access, manage, evaluate, analyse and synthesize digital resources to help construct new knowledge.

Throughout the course of a student's educational journey, key concepts of digital citizenship are addressed to help develop safe, appropriate, ethical and responsible behaviour in their use of digital technology.

Facilities and Infrastructure

Students and Teachers

Students from ELC to Year 12 have access to inFintona, a specialised Learning Management System used to navigate, construct, publish and collaborate.

Classrooms are equipped with digital interactive display equipment, and there are high speed wired and wireless networks to support learning experiences throughout the School.

Students have access to a range of digital resources for use where relevant in all classes.



Parents have easy access to our specialised online Learning Management System, inFintona, where they can find the school calendar, daily bulletin, specific information for their daughter including timetable and teachers, and book parent teacher interviews.

Parents also have access to Care Monkey, a convenient and environmentally friendly system used to collect electronic medical, inquiry and consent forms.

Digital Technology Subjects

At Years 5, 6, 7 and 8, students participate in a stand-alone Digital Technology subject where they are taught key skills and knowledge aligned with the  Australian Curriculum.  As in other curriculum areas, students have access to extension activities, incursions/excursions and special programs offered by third party organisations such as Universities, industry and educational bodies.

At Years 9 and 10, students have the opportunity to participate in ever-changing digital technology electives such as  Coding and Data Analysis and Visualisation.

Specialist Facilities

Fintona Resource Centres

Fintona has two innovative libraries for student use, both with access to a comprehensive range of technological devices including Macs, iPads, and laptop computers.

The resource centre also manages student access to a broad range of online resources including databases, encyclopaedias and curriculum support materials. These resources are available to students at all times via the online Learning Management System, inFintona.


Music Recording Studio

Fintona's Music Recording Studio is equipped with a range of high-powered Macintosh desktop computers to enrich instruction and promote creativity. This lab is utilised for various music subjects and enables students to compose, record, edit, produce and publish their own music.


Design Technology Studio

This innovative new space facilitates advanced computer design coupled with various interactive display and development boards and high-end colour printers, and gives a professional edge to the work created by students in the Art Precinct.


Digital Innovation and Learning Lab

This space has a range of cutting edge technology tools designed to encourage innovation and allow students to utilise new technologies to create solutions to exciting real-world projects. Students engage in tasks that require them to become independent thinkers, work in teams, take responsibility for their own learning and solve open ended problems.