Elizabeth M Butt Public Speaking Award celebrates 25 years | Fintona Girls' School

Elizabeth M Butt Public Speaking Award celebrates 25 years

28 August 2017

Congratulations on the outstanding oratory performed by Rose Khurana (Year 7), Mietta Morris (Year 9) and Amy Chilcott (Year 10) who won their stages of the Elizabeth M Butt Public Speaking Award, now in its 25th year.  As winner of the Senior section, Amy is awarded the prestigious Cup and will deliver her speech at Valedictory. 

Every student, from Years 6 to 11, is required to participate in our internal Elizabeth M. Butt Public Speaking program. Embedded in the English curriculum, the public speaking component enacts the original vision of Miss Butt, Headmistress from1963 to 1992, who felt that Fintona girls should be equipped with the skills to communicate with poise and confidence when, as young women, they take their place in community life.

The program is staged in three tiers, from an informative speech in Years 6 and 7, to a persuasive speech in Years 8 and 9, then an interpretive speech in Years 10 and 11. In class, each girl researches her topic and presents her speech.

Pictured are L-R: Mietta, Amy and Rose