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Maiysha's climate change message spreads across the globe

26 November 2018

As a school we strive to develop curious, confident, capable young women; young women who are independent of thought, who embrace diversity, who wish to contribute positively to the community and the world around them; young women who have a voice. One student who embraces these qualities is Maiysha Moin, Year 11, (2019 Environment Captain) who is passionate about the environment and sustainability.  External to the School she is part of Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) and is involved in the Nationals School Strike for Climate Action. 

Through her involvement, Maiysha participated in a short interview on the Today Show as wellas The Age regarding the student strike event, and became the focus of media reports around the globe, including the BBC and The New York Times, as the spokesperson representing and addressing thousands of students in Melbourne. 

Here is what Maiysha said about Climate Change:

"With the rise of social media and international movements advocating for social and environmental justice, young people across Australia have awoken to the greatest crisis to threaten our planet: climate change.

Young Australians are ready to call on our politicians and hold them accountable to take climate action by cutting fossil fuels and investing in renewable energy; with many taking the initiative to go on a National School Strike for Climate Action. Today, Friday 30 November, thousands of Victorians students will gather at key locations across the State as part of the strike and learn to actively take part in our democracy.

There are many ways we can affect change, such as making adjustments to the way we live. This could be using public transport, riding a bike or car sharing to commute. Using energy wisely by unplugging devices and turning off lights, consuming and wasting less, or eating at least one meat free meal a week. If you have garden space you might grow your own vegetables. We need to continue to encourage the conversation and make changes to help improve our planet for the future. "

Read Maiysha's interview with The Age here: