Justice John Coldrey talks forensics | Fintona Girls' School

Justice John Coldrey talks forensics

31 August 2016

The girls in the Year 9 Forensics elective and the Jailed, Bailed and Curtailed elective, were very fortunate to have Justice John Coldrey come and speak to them about his role as the Chairman of the Council of Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine. He gave a very interesting and informative talk about the role of forensics in solving crimes and about the repercussions when there are problems with this evidence.  

The girls were especially interested in the discussions relating to cases they had studied in class.  Justice Coldrey was a very engaging speaker and helped develop and stimulate the girls’ interest in related careers for the future.

Special thanks to Ada Roberts in Year 9 who was very enterprising, showing great initiative in organising for him to come and speak to Fintona students.