Game of Tiaras - a comedic triumph | Fintona Girls' School

Game of Tiaras - a comedic triumph

5 September 2016

At Fintona, we do comedy well. The School play Game of Tiaras, was a funny and satirical exploration of contemporary pop culture and had the audience in raptures with our girls showing fine comedic talent.

Drama Co-ordinator, Mr John Thomson, chose the play because it combined the tragedy of King Lear with the melodrama of Game of Thrones. With the main characters as Disney Princesses, Mr Thomson knew this was going to be a winning play.

Many of the actors were well known to regular audience members at Fintona productions but there were a number of new faces on stage which were very pleasing.

We congratulate the actors as well as the students who worked behind the scenes creating the set, costumes, props, lighting and sound for the production.

Being in a school play is an invaluable and memorable experience for the girls and together with the fact that this production is Mr Thomson's last, due to retirement, made it that little bit more special.