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Meet our teachers
Our teachers inspire girls to achieve their best.
Meet our teachers
Our teachers inspire girls to achieve their best.

Katie Tribe

Katie Tribe
Curriculum Support

Katie Tribe leads Fintona’s curriculum support and learning enhancement program and has a passion for working with students to harness their strengths and unlock their potential.

How did you come to work in Curriculum Support?

I have worked in many different girls' schools both locally and internationally for the past 15 years. I began teaching English Literature and Psychology in the UK, however found myself taking on a number of leadership, pastoral and academic roles, before relocating to Australia.

You have a Masters in Special Education and Gifted Education. What is your special interest?

My final Masters’ thesis was on girls' self-efficacy in gifted education. I am very passionate about the learning process and work with students of all abilities to harness their strengths and unlock their potential.

What favourite things do you have in your teacher toolkit?

The girls at Fintona know I am repeatedly advocating for the use of flashcards, mind maps, audio books and other learning tools to enhance student knowledge and deepen their understanding.

What special activities do you get involved in in your role?

I have been part of many different academic extension and enrichment activities such as Tournament of Minds, Future Problem Solving and Da Vinci Decathlon, and 2018 was my first year being involved in the World Scholar's Cup (WSC).

What do you love about your job?

I enjoy my role because we are a small school and we want to expose the girls to a wider community of like-minded students and a wider world of opportunity, too. I enjoy helping them go beyond the curriculum and to apply what they learn in the classroom more broadly. I feel very fortunate that my role allows me to work with support students’ learning journeys.

What is your biggest passion?

The love of learning. I love watching girls activate their brain, extend their knowledge and enhance their understanding. It’s a powerful process and I feel very privileged to see that in action. It’s very rewarding.

What I do you like to do on weekends and term breaks?

I love reading and travelling (either locally or overseas). I also spend a lot of time ferrying my two gorgeous children (Ruby and Harry) between sporting activities, playdates and birthday parties!