Counselling | Fintona Girls' School


When you just need someone to talk to.

Counselling is available to all students and parents at Fintona by the School Counsellor, a registered Psychologist.

Counselling is an opportunity to have some extra support and gain more understanding so students can make the most of their learning experiences.

Individual support can be provided regarding any issue to assist the continued development of a student’s social, emotional and academic learning. Students or parents can contact the School Counsellor directly during the school terms. All counselling sessions and contact with the School Counsellor is confidential, private and discreet.

The School Counsellor also offers a consultant role to staff to support students with educational strategies, behaviour management strategies and social/emotional learning skills. If a student has had a professional assessment done outside of school, for example by a Psychologist, Speech Pathologist or Paediatrician then the School Counsellor can assist with the distribution of recommendations to their teachers so the student’s individual needs can be met.

The School Counsellor is also available to liaise with external professionals involved with a student to assist with providing a supportive and coordinated team approach.