House System | Fintona Girls' School

House System

A vibrant part of each girl's school life.

Since 1923, the House system has been an integral part of life at Fintona with students demonstrating a positive school spirit at each House event.

Fintona has six houses based on a vertical model from Years 5 to 12. In the Junior School, girls are placed in one of three Houses.

House activities in the Middle and Senior School years encompass both sport and culture maximising opportunities for students to be involved. Sporting events include House Athletics, Swimming, Netball, Cross Country and Summer Carnival. Cultural activities include Drama, Music and Debating. House events also give girls the chance to show their prowess at organising teams, scoring, adjudicating, designing sets and costumes, conducting and being marshals and officials. In the Junior School, girls compete for an annual House Cup in the areas of Athletics, Swimming, Trivia Competition and Cross Country.

The House system not only provides students with a focus for a healthy competitive spirit generated through an array of House activities such as House sport, music, debating and singing but also opportunities for girls to broaden their involvement in a supportive environment. As well, girls gain much from being able to organise specific teams or groups within their House and the mentoring and role modelling that is an intrinsic part of the House system.