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Why Fintona

At Fintona, we see the
extraordinary in every individual.

Why Fintona Wide 2022

Here, students are encouraged to develop their talents and interests – to become fearless and adaptable leaders of the future. Every individual is seen and nurtured to move beyond their comfort zone and unlock their natural potential.

Our learning programs are immersive, integrated and practical. We offer a distinct and stimulating approach to academic excellence by nurturing a love of learning that spans an abundance of disciplines.

Our students are driven to make a difference and supportive of each other’s success. Fintonians are bound together by a sense of belonging, a drive for change and an ability to lead, which challenges the status quo.

We welcome families and daughters into a rich and diverse community.

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Fintona is where you…


Find more opportunities

At Fintona, girls can explore as many opportunities as they like. We are uniquely able to adapt what we offer to suit our students. Whether your daughter wants to row, debate international politics or has a passion for Mathematics, we have opportunities for her to develop her passions.

A Fintona girl is free to explore opportunities she may never have dreamt of.

Learn cross-disciplinary skills from real-world experts

Imagine having unparalleled access to experts in their fields? That’s what a Fintona girl experiences each day. Many of our esteemed teachers remain active practitioners in their industries. As real-world experts, this allows them to create powerful learning experiences, bringing together current knowledge and expertise. They deliver cross-disciplinary projects and opportunities you might find in the real world.

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Move beyond your comfort zone

Whether you’re leaping or tip-toeing towards a new experience, Fintona is where girls challenge themselves and discover new talents. It’s not always easy but we know that’s where we grow. Whether you are hiking through a Madagascan rainforest or singing for the first time on stage, stepping beyond your comfort zone is its own reward.

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Set and achieve higher goals

Setting and stretching to reach a personal goal is something we have worked hard to finesse. At Fintona, we have established a vibrant learning culture that is equal parts healthy competition and unrivalled support. This enables a Fintona girl to achieve beyond even her own expectations, knowing she will be challenged and supported by her peers.

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Discover your own version of extraordinary

Fintona’s alumnae sit at the top of their fields – working in a huge diversity of roles, industries and countries. Together they pave the way for all our girls to see what’s possible, to imagine how they might one day contribute to the world. Through Fintona’s immersive, integrated and practical programs, girls unearth their unique talents.

Meet the extraordinary women of Fintona icon Meet the extraordinary women of Fintona
Bronwyn King

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